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Advisory Council

Community Education is community based. Therefore, involvement of community members in the education process is essential. The Advisory Council is responsible for seeing that the Community Education program serves the interests and concerns of the community.

The Advisory Council consists of members who live, work, volunteer, or attend school in the community it serves. Council members represent various groups, neighborhoods, organizations, agencies, and citizens in the community.

What does Advisory Council member do?

As an Advisory member you are tasked with following duties,

1. To be a dynamic supporter and advocate for the goals and delivery of Community Education programs in Minneapolis.

2. To provide a comprehensive, balanced Community Education program offering programs to benefit all members of the community: from newborns to senior citizens.

3. To maximize use of all available resources in meeting existing and emerging educational, social, and cultural needs.

4. To develop positive, cooperative efforts with other community agencies and groups.

5. To support, foster, enrich, and integrate the educational opportunities of the pre-kindergarten through grade 12 program.

6. To ensure that community needs and resources are assessed and implement a process of evaluation of Community Education programs, services, and activities.

7. To improve life in Minneapolis and support community leadership and the involvement of citizens in improving life in Minneapolis.

8. To work for legislative support of Community Education

9. To annual recommend approval of the Community Education budget to the School Board.

10. To become a meaningful problem-solving group. 

If you are interested in getting involved in our Advisory Council, email

1250 W. Broadway Ave
Mpls 55411
Main Office:
(612) 668-3939
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